Pathology Billing Experts

Thorough examination of every specimen allows you to make an accurate diagnosis. Similarly, pathology billing demands extreme attention to detail in every step of the workflow process. Denials are not uncommon when multiple units and modifiers are required to be paid for each specimen. Our team of pathology experts know the rules and regulations to ensure the payor processes each CPT correctly to collect all the revenue you have earned. We understand pathology and know the steps to restore you revenue health while providing you with peace of mind.

We stay active in the industry by being involved with trade associations such as APF (American Pathology Foundation), CAP (College of American Pathologists), and ASCP (American Society for Clinical Pathology).

Partner with Us for Success

We strive to exceed the expectations of each of our clients. We’ll work together with you to ensure the success of both of our organizations. We’ll help you improve your operating performance as well as provide you with the data needed for decision making. With our Acceleration Technology, industry expertise, and dedicated customer service, Acclaim has been able to significantly increase net revenues for each of our new clients.