Short-Term or Long-Term Coding Services

We specialize in coding services for diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, and pathology, with 2 business days turn-around time. Our expert team of certified, 100% US-based coders help optimize your revenue and reduce your work backlog while minimizing your compliance risk.

We Offer:

  • Diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology and pathology coding services
  • Certified coding staff with years of specialty coding experience
  • 2 business days turn-around time
  • All coders are US-based; we do not offshore any part of the coding process therefore greatly reducing your risk
  • Coders specifically dedicated to your account
  • Weekly status report
  • Internal quality auditing process
  • Revenue maximization

Peace of Mind for You

Choosing us as your coding partner will bring you peace of mind. We’re committed to assisting you with keeping your coding operations moving efficiently and getting work done on time.

We help solve these issues:
  • Backlog of coding workload
  • Staffing shortages and challenges
  • Coding inaccuracy
  • Inexperienced coding staff
  • Lost revenue due to coding errors

Interested in Learning More?

Contact us at 800-214-4906 for more information.