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Radiology Billing & Revenue Cycle Management
Innovative automation + Superior business management = Maximum outcomes

Radiology Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

Acclaim’s Acceleration Technology and unique automation of the radiology billing and collection process combined with our industry knowledge allows us to: handle all aspects of your radiology business, provide high-yield radiology billing and practice management support, boost your reimbursements, improve cash flow, reduce costs, maximize revenues, simplify and improve your claims process, shorten the revenue cycle, ensure compliance, while at the same time offering excellent customer service to you and your patients.

Electronic Data Capture, Claims Filing & Remittance Posting

Our technology and expertise enables us to build a hospital demographic or charge capture program in just a few days.
We can accept files in any format that a facility can provide and by any transmission method. To minimize the impact on a facility’s IT staff, we custom build our interfaces to accept their data format without modification.
We are also able to interface with radiology information systems (RIS) and capture data from any electronic medical record. This ability reduces the opportunity for human error and reduces the amount of time to bill, resulting in lower days in AR and quicker payments. The custom interface ensures that all the available data is captured.

Managed Care Contracting & Credentialing

Another service we provide is assistance with managed care credentialing and contracting. This includes Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield and other major payers in your practice. We also offer managed care contract review and analysis of how it may impact your practice so you can make informed financial decisions.

Consulting & Strategic Planning

Acclaim will work with you to achieve efficient, effective billing and collecting processes that will maximize collections for your radiology practice.
Whether you want to outsource your radiology billing and revenue cycle management; assess areas for improvement within your internal operations; or determine what your strategic initiatives should be at a time when healthcare is in a state of flux, the Acclaim consulting team can assist you in enhancing and developing these processes. We will provide a third party perspective from a team that has extensive experience in radiology billing and process improvement for a number of diversified clients. Acclaim will work with you to achieve efficient, effective billing and collecting processes that maximize collections.


Coding is not only an essential part of billing, it is the cornerstone of compliance.  Cindy Pittmon, our founder and President is a nationally recognized expert in Radiology Coding. She played a major role in developing the Radiology Coding Certification Board, an independent entity that confers the Radiology Certified Coder, (RCC) credential on those coders who pass the rigorous and accredited RCC exam.
Through the use of our proprietary software, our certified coders are not only proficient, they can use the system to provide you feedback or to ask you for additional detail to support compliance.


Acclaim provides our clients with customized online compliance training at no additional charge. Physicians or their staff can log onto our website,www.RadCT.com, for training or review. From radiation safety to physician peer reviews, we upload your custom content and track participation and satisfactory completion.

This online alternative keeps practices from having to expend the time and resources of bringing everyone together on an annual or semiannual basis for compliance training. It eliminates leadership time spent developing adequate training sessions.

Personalized Service

We’re here for you. Whether it’s a website for your practice or finding a new solution for an old problem, ask us how we can help. Acclaim Radiology Management offers acceleration technology, hospital data capture programs, online compliance training and documentation, and a patient payment internet portal.

Standard & Ad Hoc Reporting & Trending

Our radiology billing software can produce many, many different standard reports to meet your practice analysis needs so you can make appropriate business decisions. Because it is configured as a database, we are able to offer an almost unlimited number of reports to meet your specific needs. Just ask and we will work to provide the information you need.

Proven Outcomes

Acclaim consistently meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of our clients. Acclaim has been able to significantly improve net revenues for each of our new clients with our superior technology, industry expertise, and dedicated customer service. Within six months of our association with them, our clients have experienced an increase in collections over their prior periods of at least 10%, and that improvement remains stable.