Acclaim Healthcare Management FAQ

Who is Acclaim Healthcare Management?
Acclaim Healthcare Management was founded in 1993 by Cindy Pittmon as Acclaim Radiology Management, a radiology specific billing service. The company now includes all areas of radiology and pathology practice management with offices in Texas, Ohio, and Hawaii.

Can Acclaim improve my practice?
Since we have been in business, we have improved every new client's net revenues significantly. Our trained, experienced staff and our innovative technology reduce waste and improve accuracy and timeliness of claim filing and follow up.

What is the first step?
A thorough practice analysis is performed for each potential client. We review group size, needs, locations, modalities, insurance carriers, and procedure volumes and past collections. We will then present our specific proposal to meet your needs and point out areas of potential improvement. If we don’t think we can help, we’ll tell you that too.

What do your fees include?
We don't nickel and dime our clients, and we don’t surprise clients with hidden fees. We charge one all inclusive fee, which includes billing costs, managed care contracting, credentialing, refund processing, coding, statements, claims filing, compliance implementation, hospital interfaces, and more.

How do you determine your fees?
A thorough practice analysis is performed for each potential client reviewing group size, needs, locations, modalities, insurance carriers, and procedure volumes. Based on our analysis, we set a price that is fair for all parties.

Are there any start up costs?
No, Acclaim does not get paid until you do. Our only fees are based on a percentage of net collections.

Do I have to code my own radiology/pathology reports?
No, Acclaim utilizes natural language process coding technology and Acclaim Acceleration Technology for electronic coding of paper reports by our certified radiology and pathology coders. Both systems provide tools that allow us to correct our clients’ coding deficiencies and potential compliance issues.

What kind of reports does Acclaim provide?
At month end we provide each client with executive summary reports with easy to understand color charts and graphs as well as our billing system generated reports. Reports are customized to meet each client's needs. We also offer ad hoc reporting with a 24-hour turn around when possible.

Can I access Acclaim's system online?
Yes, we allow our clients to access our online dashboard, giving our clients direct access to management level reports that show the current status of their accounts receivable. We also have the ability to upload any report in PDF format to the dashboard for client access.

What will happen to my current staff and office?
Each situation is different, but we will thoroughly evaluate and discuss with you the option of maintaining staff at your location.

How long does it take to switch to Acclaim?
Once we receive a signed contract and pertinent information, we can begin billing for a new client within 30-60 days.

What is the next step?
We welcome the opportunity to earn your business and to demonstrate how we can improve your practice. We invite you to call us at 800-214-4906.