Lomers dives into Presidency at the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) Radiology Summit conference

Acclaim Radiology Management is proud to have their Chief Financial Officer, Wendy Lomers, begin her one year term as the RBMA President, while attending the May 2013 Radiology Summit conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Wendy has previously served on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the RBMA including a two year term as Treasurer.

“The healthcare systems have been undergoing tremendous change in an effort to control costs while improving quality,” says Wendy. “Healthcare payment mechanisms are being tested and the search for a system that will incentivize physicians to provide the best possible care at the lowest possible price is never ending. Imaging providers are critical in this process since treating physicians must properly diagnose patients before an effective treatment plan can be prescribed. It will be a challenging time for imaging providers as they redefine their role in these new integrated healthcare systems. They will need someone on the business end of medicine to ensure the financial support needed to make these valuable contributions possible. As president, my goal is to lead the RBMA as they support imaging management by accumulating valuable and critical data, providing access to educational resources and opportunities to share experiences regarding what is happening in imaging in different parts of the nation.”

About Acclaim Radiology Management

Acclaim Radiology Management is an industry leader in radiology billing and revenue cycle management offering innovative, effective, and personalized practice management solutions. Acclaim allows radiologists to focus on their practice, not their business office. With offices in Texas and Hawaii, Acclaim’s clients represent the full spectrum of hospital and imaging center-based radiology practices. Acclaim’s Acceleration Technology and unique automation is used at each step of the process to shorten the revenue cycle, reduce costs, ensure compliance, and improve cash flow. For more information visit www.acclaimrad.com or call 800-214-4906.