Radiology Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

Innovative automation + Superior business management = Maximum outcomes

Acclaim’s Acceleration Technology and unique automation of the radiology billing and collection process combined with our industry knowledge allows us to: handle all aspects of your radiology business, provide high-yield radiology billing and practice management support, boost your reimbursements, improve cash flow, reduce costs, maximize revenues, simplify and improve your claims process, shorten the revenue cycle, ensure compliance, while at the same time offering excellent customer service to you and your patients.     

Proven Outcomes

Acclaim consistently meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of our clients. Acclaim has been able to significantly improve net revenues for each of our new clients with our superior technology, industry expertise, and dedicated customer service. Within six months of our association with them, our clients have experienced an increase in collections over their prior periods of at least 10%, and that improvement remains stable.